Facebook Ads for Beginners: Retention and Loyalty

Get previous visitors coming back and first-time customers buying again.

Facebook ads have powered the growth of hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world. One of those skyrocketing success stories is BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

In this course, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how BOOM! cofounder Ezra Firestone uses Facebook advertising to strengthen his sales funnel and convert casual visitors into repeat customers.

This beginner Facebook advertising course introduces you to the Facebook Ads Manager and helps you create your first ad campaign. You’ll start by creating a retargeting campaign which shows ads to everyone who’s visited your website but didn’t purchase. Then, you’ll create a loyalty campaign that displays to all of your existing customers, enticing them to come back.

Whether or not you’ve earned your first customer, or even your first visitor, it’s vital that you start here to get familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager and build a sales funnel that captures the right people’s attention at the right time.

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