Dinner at Tiffani's: Blueberry-Lemon Scones

 I'm baking
blueberry lemon scones

with homemade blackberry
jam and sweet honey butter.

So we're going to start off with
two cups of all-purpose flour.

These are so yummy.

These are something
that I make quite often,

and they go super
fast in my kitchen.

You've got 1/4 cup of sugar.

About half a teaspoon of salt.
A tablespoon of baking powder.

6 tablespoons of
cold, cubed butter.

It makes them really
flaky and yummy.

And you want to make sure
that it's always cold butter.

We're going to mix that up.

So you want to just make
sure that the butter's

really incorporated and kind
of pea size inside the flour.

So now what we're
going to do is we're

going to add our lemon zest.

Lemon zest is one
of those things

that I love adding to a
lot of different recipes.

It gives it brightness.

It gives us a lot of flavor.

Adds a little zip to it.

Oh, it smells so amazing.

Then we're going to actually
add our lemon juice.

The thing about
baking is you really

need to measure everything
out pretty accurately.

Sometimes in cooking,
you can kind of

go a dash here, a dash there.

But baking is a
little more precise.

Then we're going to add half a
cup of milk, a dash of vanilla,

that's where you can really
go with what suits your fancy.

Mix this up.

I'm going to clear this off.

And we're going to get to work.

You want to make sure
you flour your working

space, so it doesn't stick.

This is the key.

You're going to gently
fold in your blueberries.

The thing about blueberries
and any kind of fruit,

you don't want to burst them.
You don't want to bruise them.

You don't want to hurt them.

You want to be very gentle.

So you're going to fold them
in lightly, little by little.

You don't have to be
perfect with them.

I like the look
of rustic things.

And then I'm going to cut
them into the scone shape

that I like.

And then we're going to lay
them on a baking sheet that

has been lined with parchment
paper, so it doesn't stick,

of course.

Squeeze all these on here.

I've got my oven at 400
degrees, and it's going

to go in for about 17 minutes.

My scones are ready.

So we're going to take
those out of the oven.

Oh, look at how
beautiful those look.

Look at that.


Almost looks like artwork.

All right.

I'm just going to
let these cool.

GUEST 1: Is this
the prettiest table?

GUEST 2: I know!
-Thank you.

Everything is so perfect.

Here, you have to have

my blueberry lemon scones.

Can we talk about
the honey butter?

GUEST 2: The honey butter.

8 ounces of whipped butter

that's at room temperature.

Then to the butter, I add
three tablespoons of honey.

I love wildflower
honey for this,

but any liquid honey will work.

Then just blend the
two together and serve.

Oh, come on.

It's too much.

GUEST 1: Wow.

I just want to lick
the butter off.


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